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R&W’s Monthly Newsletter                                September  2017

Lean, mean, cleaning machines! (OK – some not so lean or mean!)                                                      

Message from owner Mike Roberge:

     Our 42nd year in the commercial cleaning business in southern NH, celebration BBQ was a lot of fun Sunday, thanks to all of the employees that came and made it special!  The food, games and prizes were great, but the best part was just spending some time getting to know all of you better, in a more relaxed atmosphere!  For those of you who could not make it, you were missed, but will hopefully be able to make it the next time we do something like this again.  Please remember that will Fall here, leaves will be blowing into all the entrances, as well as spiders making their webs in the corners, so make sure that you do a full vacuuming in those areas.  Thank you again to all employees for your dedicated work!  Hope you can get out and enjoy one of the fairs in the area!


Kathy Fraser

Eric Ullon

Happy Birthday you two!



  * No new employees this month*


  Nancy Balcom                                 11 yrs.!

John Bascom                                      2 yrs.!

Darlene Gilbert                                  2 yrs.!

Emina Smajovic                                 5 yrs.!

                                              Yolande Tremlay                             12 yrs.!


                      Bonus Winners for “Employees Of The Month” in AUGUST:

 Rick Adams

Fred Croes

Jeanne King

 Armin Novljanin

Thank you and keep up the good work!